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Price subject to change (online & in-store)
Quick (Polish change) Manicure     $11
Hot Olive Oil Manicure (w/hot lotion arm massages, hot stone & towel)     $20
Green Tea manicure (w/tea soak, exfoliate tea scrub & milk honey butter blend)     $25
Spa Manicure (w/exfoliate scrub and hot lotion massages)     $30
No Chip (w/whole Manicure services)     $38
No Chip take off (w/manicure)     $10($5)
Patching/Fixing     $5/each
Paraffin Manicure     $30
French Manicure     $25
Kid’s Manicure     $13(full)/$8
Quick (Polish change) Pedicure     $15
Natural Pedicure (w/Callus care, mask, hot lotions and stone massage, skin oil and heel cream)     $38
Green Tea Pedicure – Ready for dried skin! (w/tea soak, exfoliate citrus scrub and milk honey butter blend)     $43
Milk Honey Pedicure (w/milk soak, honey scrub and massage milk honey butter blend)     $43
Pomegranate and fig pedicure (w/sea soak, pomegranate scrub and milk honey butter blend)     $43
Pedicure with 10 minute foot massage combo     $53
Spa Pedicure (w/exfoliate aha scrub, mud pack, hot lotion massage, moisturizing oil and heel cream)     $50
Paraffin Pedicure     $48
Patching/Fixing Nail     $5/each
Kid’s Pedicure     $25(full)/$10(polish change)
French Pedicure     $43
No chip Pedicure     $55
10 minutes     $15
15 minutes     $20
20 minutes     $25
25 minutes     $30
30 minutes     $35
Foot Massage is also Available.
Eyebrows     $17
Upper Lip     $15
Chin     $15
Half Arms     $30
Full Arms     $40 +
Under Arms     $20
Upper Legs     $40
Lower Legs     $35
Full Legs     $65 +
Bikini     $40
Brazilian     $50 +
Full Back    $55 +